Exacta provides interpretation and translation services covering 135 languages and dialects to leading insurance companies, hospitals, health care facilities, legal firms and professionals in Ontario and across Canada. Since its founding, Exacta has developed a reputation for quality and reliability.

Face to Face Interpreting

Consecutive Interpretation – The interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. The speech is divided into segments.

Simultaneous Interpretation (conference interpreting) – The interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks.

Legal and Court Interpreting

Exacta’s legal interpreters are accredited through the Ministry of the Attorney General and experienced in the role of interpreting within the justice sector. They are qualified to attend court hearings lasting several days, prison appointments and visits to correctional facilities.

Sign Language

All Exacta ASL interpreters have extensive experience and are either members of The Ontario Association of Sign Language Interpreters (OASLI) or have University/College certificates in ASL interpreting. OASLI is an affiliate chapter of the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC).

Quebec Sign Language, known in French as Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), is a sign language used mostly in Quebec, but a few are scattered in major cities in the rest of the country.

OPI – Over the Phone Interpreting

OPI allows for connection within minutes to an interpreter in any language. Exacta has the capacity of conducting one-on-one interviews or group conferences. Accurate tracking of connection times to the-minute to ensure billing precision.

VRI - Video Remote Interpreting

VRI allows for the next best thing to face to face interpreting. Exacta has the capacity of conducting one-on-one interviews or group conferences. Many times clients can bypass the unavailability of interpreters or the time it takes interpreters to travel onsite by using this method.

Sight Translation

In sight translation, the original message is delivered to the interpreter in written form for texts that need to be read out in either English or any other language.

Translation of Documents

High quality document translation and proof reading utilizing native local speakers or in-country linguists with deep technical expertise. Our translators are carefully selected for their depth of knowledge within a particular industry.


Providing door to door transportation services for claimants using sedans and Wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our national service coverage is robust and our communication with our transportation partners is seamless.


A chaperone is present as a safeguard for both parties (patient and healthcare professionals) and is a witness to the conduct and the continuing consent of the procedure. Exacta chaperones are trained professionals and remain present during the entirety of the medical appointment and examination.