What sets Exacta apart from our competitors is the service and quality of interpretation that we provide. Our focus is to provide our customers with a turnkey solution that incorporates our services with knowledgeable experts to help with each step of the booking process. We believe in making our team available to assist our clients in every step of the booking process. Live telephone operators are used from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm during business days to ensure that each call is answered by a knowledgeable and trained professional.

Our commitment to service excellence is strengthened by the recognition that the quality and reliability of interpretation can significantly impact the successful completion of an appointment, and ultimately the outcome of an insurance claim. Exacta has been able to generate significant savings for its insurance partners by drastically reducing “no-show” costs on both the claimant side and interpreter side. Exacta saves time for adjusters and medical facility staff by coordinating transportation and chaperone requirements.

Exacta uses technology for expedient request processing, automated tracking of each request and minimizing errors. This allows Exacta’s scheduling staff to determine interpreter availability and promptly assign them. Timelines are programmed and closely monitored, with automatically generated prompts to ensure compliance with service delivery standards and timeframes.

We strongly believe that if you compare our services and quality, you will clearly see that Exacta offers more value than other language service providers in the industry today.